Cracking down on infringement in the Chinese watch market. From April to the present, the Chinese watch market has not returned to the previous shipment level, and many watches are no longer available, for example, Daytona from Noob Factory… The watch factory is not mass-produced as before. Many of them need to be booked in advance, which leads to longer delivery times. Starting today, I will update some of the watches shipped in the market. These watches are real photos and can be obtained in a short time.

The DHL timeliness is slow. Many customers have reported to me that their parcels have slowed down and did not arrive at the scheduled time. In the past, the parcels were usually received within 5 days, but now it may take 10 days or more. The reason is that the customs policies of many countries have changed due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus,the package needs to be transferred to another country, so you will see that the package is not necessarily sent in China The purpose of this is to make the package arrive safely instead of being detained by the customs. I hope you can understand, thank you for your support

February 1 to February 18 is the Chinese New Year holiday, we will stop shipping, if you have questions about the watch, I will still reply as soon as possible